Yıldırım Çelik - Photographer

If you are saying 
"I want to know more details for usage of camera. 
  I would like to take photos as I see.
I want to take a camera which is right for me. 
I want to take best photos. " 
this seminar program is for you !
Technical Information for Camera - 1
   Types and formats of cameras
   Viewfinder system of cameras
   Digital cameras
   Instantaneous & Diaphragm
   Dept of field control
   Definition of Lag Time
Technical Information for Camera - 2
   Exposure modes, controls and measurement systems 
   Light information
   Properties of light
   Forms of light
   Photography lighting techniques
   Color temperature
   Rules of photo composition
    Simplicity - Wealth
    Tissue - Rhythm - Schema - Balance
  Golden ratio - Skyline
    Moving photo
   White balance in digital camera
   Noise and noise reduction in digital camera
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